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Why this glue is amazing? It is versatile as it can be both used for classic and volume. It works in wide range of temperatures and humidity. Both experts and beginners will find it easy to work with. Slower curing time means better retention as in most cases bad retention is due to glue curing too fast providing you with weak and fragile bond.

BOTTLE SIZE: 5ml is perfect. Changing glue every 3-4 weeks is a good practice for a lash professionals. Each time you open the glue bottle it interacts with the oxygen and slowly it becomes less amazing providing your with weak and fragile bonds. 5ml Glue Bottle means that there is no waste. Our glue will last you around 3-4 weeks and you will be able to use it to the last drop without having to bin half of the product due to oxygen exposure.

  • Designed to work in a temperature range of 21℃-27℃.
  • Best humidity for the adhesive/glue is between 35% and 60%
  • Medium drying - it will give you time to re-position the extensions once they are applied. There will be a few seconds left to do so.
  • The glue drop must be changed every 30 minutes. The glue drop must be normal size (not too large or too small). Please make sure to shake the glue for at least 1 minute before each opening!
  • Right after opening the glue will last for 2 months if used and stored correctly. Keep the adhesive in the airtight container with rice in a dark place.

- Drying time: 1-2 sec
- Retention: 5-7 weeks
- Capacity: 5 ml
- Storage: 21℃-27℃
- Colour: Black


  1. Use a hygrometer to check your room temperature & humidity. Use a humidifier if the air is too dry or put the heater on if the temperature is too low. Ideally, you want your room to be around 20-24C and humidity 35-40% *Those are the best conditions to work in.
  2. Cleanse for good adhesion. Use 2 step cleansing routine to get amazing retention. 1 Step is Lash Shampoo. You want to get rid of any makeup, skincare or oil residue.
  3. Wash & rinse with saline solution until lashes are clean. Saline will help to strip natural oils in a gentle yet effective way.
  4. Degrease to get strong adhesion by using PRE-TREATMENT Cleanser. This will help to dry the lash which will temporarily help to rough up the hair shaft which will allow for a good bond.
  5. Use primer if your humidity is low. In this case, it will add moisture and help to cure glue a little faster.

Always make sure that you are working with fresh glue drop. This means changing your glue drop every 15-20 min. If you are working in close proximity to ammonia (hair colouring station) you will find your glue curing almost instantly as they chemically interact with each other.

Make sure that the size of your drop is around 4-5 mm in diameter and that your glue drop has a dome shape.

Always make a fresh drop. Do not add glue to the old drop as it will make the glue gloopy faster which can affect your retention.

The glue for semi-permanent eyelash extensions is for professional use only.

*Glue must be used within 4-6 weeks of opening the bottle.