Artistic Lash League -Second Edition- present you with the following Online Nominations:

"Classic lashes"
"3D-4D Volume"
"5D+ Mega Volume"
"Lash Lift/Lamination"
"Male Lashes"
"Pre-Made Fans"
"Sponge Lash Art"


Puck Van Den Berg


Thank you so much for having me at you event.
I really enjoyed it and it was really informative.
You are such a warm couple with love for this industry!

Helen Ward

Sirens Hair and Beauty Salon and training school

Beautifully run conference with such amazing attention to detail. All the speakers were so informative and I learnt so much, thank you! It was great to see the quality of details run through to the prompt results going on social media and feedback sent.

Paulina Zielinska

Owner and Founder at Ultra Beauty

6th Place in the "Lash Artist Of The Year Award 2019", well it is not so bad isn't. Thank you @artisticfurofficial

Ai Takiguchi

Participant from Japan

Thank you soooooo much!!! I’m really happy and it was amazing experience for me. I’m sure I’ll try again next competition. Thanks!!!! 

Suzana Neimi

Nail Technician / Lash artist at Studio Laque

Delighted with the 9th Place! Thank you @artisticfurofficial!

Kristina Komarova

Former Senior Nail Technician at Nailista

The Jude score sheet was very important for me to see where I stand.I feel more motivated now and I will definitely gonna try again.Thank you and I will see you next year!

Hilaree Brand

CEO of  My Brand Lashes

It was a dream to be apart of your event. Thank you for having me! I can tell that you’re both so passionate about the industry and I really appreciated all of the attention to detail. I felt so welcome! Thank you again. It was a wonderful experience!

Kristel Sammalkivi

Owner at Cristel Studio

Competitions are great way to get feedback from several amazing lash techs. Gonna work on my transition. Thank you @artisticfurofficial

Laima Ozola

Business Owner at Charizmatic Lashes Academy

Hello 👋 Thank you for opportunity! I know it wasn’t my best work what I can but anyway was fun and nice 👍 Hope to see you next year !

Alison Lennox

Owner at The Beauty Boutique by Alison

7th out of 61 participants in Experts Category for 3D/4D Volume .... Happy with that! 😃 Thank you so much @artisticfurofficial

Arune Mooney

Manages Eyelashes by Arune. I AM Lash. and I AM Lash

WOOOW! I think I am in the right profession! 1st Place in 3D/4D Volume at Experts Level.What a great comments. Thank you @artisticfurofficial

Berna Dasci

Owner at Lash & brow salon in Rotterdam

Yes SO HAPPY!! I won my first competition lashlifting! 1st place🥇🥳Thank you @artisticfurofficial

😻Our story is simple, we LOVE lashes and brows. We shoot for the stars and lift lashes to new heights. Our addiction is real, our passion is popping and there is nothing more we crave than offering excellence in service and innovation in products
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🌞Otto Mitter founder of the Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift System regularly tours the globe as a guest speaker, educator and judge at the world’s leading beauty events, conferences and exhibitions. Otto’s passion for continuing education, working with leaders in the industry and helping up and coming beauty therapists and lash artists develop their profiles and careers is appreciated by his distributors and colleagues around the world
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🔥The brand owner name is Sandra. In 2012 she obtained her first certificate for the One by One technique and from that moment her love for the profession was born. Now, 6 years later, she can say that she has successfully running studio that is run by 5 fantastic lash and brow stylist. She has 8 academies in the Netherlands and Belgium with an Award Winning trainers which share the same values,passion and put quality first, and in 2016 she introduced her own successful brand Oh My Lash!
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Mrs. Lash Lift also has several academies within the Netherlands and Belgium and is expanding rapidly to the rest of the world
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😘-With love Sandra

😀LashTag® started in march 2017 by founder & CEO Pauline Hendrikse - Hendriks. We wanted to set up a revolving brand which is designed by lash artists for lash artists.

💪The lash industry is continuously evolving and developing new techniques and products, and so is LashTag®. LashTag has now 10 different training locations in Netherlands & Belgium who offers very personal training's on high level.

👑Most of our lash trainers won various prizes online & live competitions. We actually won 3rd place Best LashArtist Team on the Lash World Cup 2018. We are striving to teach every single student with our  knowledge and experience, to maintain high quality standards in this industry.

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🔥Their high-quality products are made with love and care. Innovation is a
the way of life for them, they brainstorm, research, develop and test because they strive for the best products on the market.
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