Before lashes completely took over Ksenia’s life, she had a chance to study and experience jewelry design and silversmithing. This background allows for
creative approach, eye for detail and deep understanding of the design process. Now lashes are her jewels and tweezers are her tools. Ksenia has joined lash community as a lash artist in June 2012. Since then she had attended many lash conferences, courses and won competitions. Over the years she has traveled to meet the professionals from around the globe to gain the sacred knowledge and experience to perfect her own work.Now her ultimate dream and goal is to bring and share quality knowledge to lash technicians in need, so they can grow and improve.



Institute of Eyelash Excellence –Russian Volume Course – Kent, UK.

- Lash Harmony Academy – Russian Volume Masterclass – Peterborough, UK.

- League of Lash Masters – Volume Master Class – Helsingborg, Sweden.

- Lash-to- Lash – Creation look in style Dior – Moscow, Russia.

- Lash-to- Lash -Luxury Lashes- Perfect Line effects- Moscow, Russia.

- Lash-to- Lash – Absolutely Classic Technique Lash-to- Lash – Moscow, Russia.

- Sophie Training Centre – Eyebrow modelling – Tallinn, Estonia.

- YA-Lashes – Eyelash Lamination – Berlin, Germany.

- Subbotina Yulia – Authors technique - Vilnus, Lithuania.

- Lizetta School – Luxury Royal Volume 4 – 11D – Minsk, Belarus.

- Lash & Brow Secrets – One Step to Perfection – Tallinn, Estonia.

- London Lash Pro Training Academy – Advanced Technique Russian Volume – London, UK.


-Global Lash summit – Master Class Collective – 1st Place Classic– West Sussex, UK.

-Lash Battle – Nude Look Expert – 1st Place – London, UK.

- Lash Battle – Lash Bar Academy – Lash Stylist Award – Copenhagen, Denmark.

- International Lash Competition – Classic Expert – Top 5 - Amsterdam, Netherlands.

- The Lash Games – Classic Master – 2nd Place – London, UK.

- Lash Idol Championship - 1st Place Expert Classic – Tallinn, Estonia.

- MyLashes Award – Best Classic Look – Tallinn, Estonia.

- Light Lashes Academy – The Best Double Volume Look – Tallinn, Estonia.

- Lash Idol Championship - 3rd Grand Prix - Tallinn, Estonia.

- London Lash Professional Award of Excellence – London, UK.

- Lash World Cup - 1st Place- Netherlands, Europe

- Lash World Cup - Best 2D Volume Award - Netherlands, Europe.





Elmar is in charge of the technical, physical support of Artistic Fur.

He adds his male's perspective to the industry which helps to see and do things differently.

He specializes in Tool Sharpening especially in eyelash extensions tweezers. He makes sure that the tools that we use during our courses or in our studio are properly made and taken care of at all times.

Elmar also has a good understanding of beauty industry as he has visited many lash & brow conferences, participated in the lash competitions as a model & even completed eyelash extensions course.


-League Of Lash Masters - Prague, Czech Republic

-Lash-to-Lash – Absolutely Classic Technique Lash-to-Lash – Moscow, Russia

-Tool Sharpening Course - Eyelash Extensions Tweezers - Tallinn, Estonia.

-Artistic Fur Fundamentals Course - Hamilton, Scotland.

-Tool Sharpening Course Advanced - Eyelash Extensions Tweezers - Tallinn, Estonia.




Tatjana is a skilled technician with over 6 years experience in Brows & Nails. She has many techniques that she uses during her work and they are brilliant. She always keeps her education up to date. She has completed a lot of courses which were online and offline.Recently she completed a course at PhiBrows Academy and she is on her way to get a Masters Diploma. For over 6 years she gained a pretty heavy luggage of knowledge that she is now planning to share & expand even further. Tatjana is proud of her work and always looking for a way to share her expertise with people.


-Graduated from PhiBrows Academy

-Official PhiBrows Master