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This year we have the following speakers that will be sharing their knowledge with our participants: 

1. Marijana Bošnjak - "How to correct the Brow Asymmetry with the Brow Modelling?"

2. Szilivia Toth - How to improve your Lash Isolation and Avoid Stickies"

3. Francine Widdows - "Mastering the under eye-patches application (how to avoid under-eye patches sliding up)"

4. Anastasia Nikulina - "How to achieve an even distance from the eyelid throughout the whole set"

5. Katie Godfrey - "From a Lash Artist to a Salon Owner. How to build a team and step away from clients to work on your business"

6. Cintia David - "How to achieve smooth transition when mixing curls"

7. Ida Gårdemark - "Setting boundaries with toxic clients. Building a healthy relationship between Lash Artist and a client"

8. Claire Hooper - "How to attract more clients to your Lash Business & generate new leads"

9. Mariola Mikolajczyk - "Lash Lift did not work as expected. How to fix it?"

10. Darja Striletskaja - "Ways to make sure that the Brow Henna stains the skin well"

11. Jennifer Wilson - "Calming and Grounding practices to deal with stress, overwhelm and anxiety"

12. Anna Timonina - "How Lash Photography can help you to sell your services and make more profit"

13. Manami Edwards - "How to turn your first time client into a regular customer. What to do to make your clients return over and over again"

14. Hanna Babanakava - ""Become a LASH PRO by improving your Styling and Layering"

15. Hilaree Brand - "Hormones and Lash Retention"

16. Otto Mitter - "Choosing and applying Lash Lift rods to achieve a perfect lift every time"

17. Paula Klemmer -  "Lash Lift - How to get an even & symmetrical lift?"

18. Loreta Jasilionyte - "How to sell more to an excising client? (products, treatments etc.)"

19. Danielle Hamnett  - "The tips I wish I knew before running my first lash training as an Educator"

20. Miranda Tarpey - "What causes an allergic reaction in our clients?"

21.Diana Prangli - "Direction & Placement of lashes. How direction can be used for styling & make your lash sets look uniformed"

22. Ruthie Belle - "How to find the glue that's perfect for you"

23. Melissa Rudolphi - "Charge more for your services by providing a client consultation"

24. Vilja Pjokken - "How to balance out work & rest in order to be more efficient and productive"

25. Julie Knight - "How to be featured in a Magazine and become popular?"

26. Arune Mooney - "How to use lash modelling to correct asymmetrical eyes"

27 Michelle Meredith-Rath - "Finding clients that are ready to pay. Setting your prices correctly & how I got paid $800 for a Lash Set"

28. Savannah Carmichael - "Taking charge of your Lash Business. Recovery after COVID-19.How to get clients back?"

29. Marina Larskaya - " How to build up your Confidence & step up your Lash Game"

30. Helen Ward-Sirens - "Lash World nightmare. Insurance & Accreditation" 

31. Samantha Rose - "What do you need to know before opening your own Salon?"

32. Lindy Williams - "Finances 101 For Your Lash Business."

33. Bryony Barclay - "Overcoming the fear of failure" (lash competitions, lash business, unhappy customers, etc.)"

34. Shelby Tarleton - "How to build up your client base *Post COVID-19*"

35. Andreea Ghighechi - "Brow Symmetry. One style does not suit all. New Edition"

36. Kirsty Ann Rae - "Overcoming your fears to gain confidence & build a successful beauty business"

37. Veronica Rich - "How to achieve a perfect brow colour for your client?"

38. Kim Jaynes - "How to generate more profit with your Lash Business"

39. Joanna Staniul - "How to make your lash students happy"

40. Inesa Stepanova - "Building a Business while being a Single Mum"

41. Emily Lee - "Correct position of a Lash Artist during the treatment (Ergonomics, spine, head position, hand position etc ..)"

42. Ali Lilly - "Work with Lash Layers like a PRO"

43. Cheryl Peng - "Marketing with little to no money"

44. Kamila Prasilowska - "Coloured Lash Lift (New trend? How to use colour, How to choose suitable colour)"


How to become a participant:

1. Select the product & pay the processing fee.

2. After we receive the payment we will contact you within the next 72 hours via e-mail with more information regarding further steps.

3. We will then check your information and get back to you with your participant template and step by step instructions on what will happen next. 

The Lash Forum 2.0 will start on 23rd March 2021 in our Secret Group where you will be invited before the start of the event. Lash Forum 2.0 will be held ONLINE, so you can participate in it from all around the world. All video and other materials will be available to you at any time within 1 month after the release date.

*Lessons prescribed above will be subject to availability!