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The entry is open to participants from all over the world.


No Master experience level for this nomination. If you have less than 2 years of experience please refer to the following nominations: 3D Volume; (enter as many times as you want, there is no limit).

The following nominations have no experience level: PRE-MADE FANS; MALE LASHES/NUDE LOOK; COLOURED LASH ART;

    Experts -  You are qualified as an expert if at the time of the registration:

    • You have over 2 years of experience
    • You have less than 2 years of experience but you are a trainer or have won (taken 1st Place) at a lash competition prior to applying for the Artistic Lash League 2022
    • You have over 2 years of experience and you are a competition finalist (came 2nd or 3rd in a previous lash competition)

     Guru - You are qualified as a guru if at the time of the registration:

    • You have over 2 years of experience and you are a trainer or a lash competition winner (taken 1st Place)

    The beginning of your experience count begins from the moment you have obtained your 1:1 Classic/ Volume or Lash Lifting certificate relevant to the chosen nomination. You will be asked to send in your first certificate as a proof of your level of experience.

    NB! Providing false information and entering the wrong experience level will result in permanent BAN and disqualification of the participant.


    Participate in 3 or more nominations and battle for the title “Artistic Lash Champion 2022” along with a CASH PRIZE that will be transferred directly to your bank account and GLAMCOR ELITE X lamp shipped directly to your door. To find out more please click here. Last year the winner took £1000 home. 

    We have prepared detailed documents for you below. They will help you to make the most amazing entry this year. Check out the following:


    Please click here to see the criteria that will be used to mark your work. We have 5 judges per nomination which means that you will get feedback from 5 lash professionals upon receiving your score-sheet.


    Please read our Terms and Conditions before enrolling onto a competition. Please click here to find all the rules and regulations of the Artistic Lash League 2022.


    These are instructions with pictures to help you with submitting your work easily and stress-free. Please click here to find out more!


    All photos must be sent by 10 November 2022 23:59 GMT to our e-mail address. (please refer to the submission guide above).

    *Competition closes on 10 November 2022. Only entries received before 23:59 GMT will be considered for judging. Winners going to be announced on 10 December 2022.