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Hi, we are the people behind Artistic Fur lash brand and Artistic Lash League event. Our story began with Ksenia Karnejenko obsession with lashes back in 2012. At first, we have travelled over 10 countries to get the best education possible than lash competition took over our life and championship after championship we brought a handful of trophies back home. In 2018 we have organised our first big lash competition in Glasgow where we have introduced innovative ideas to make the known competition even better. The work that goes behind each event is colossal, it takes at least a year to prepare a decent lash event but the end result and the energy rush from participants are for sure worth it! As we have participated in many competitions ourselves. Each year we collect over 300 participants from all over the world. Elmars Tiltins and the team of each process of the event to create a better model and experience for the next generation of participants. We would not do it if we didn't feel it was important or making a change. Through personal experience, we know that winning an award or championship is a huge boost of confidence. When a lash artist is confident in her skills everything changes - the aura, the attitude along with the value of their work. Knowing where you stand with your skills in the industry gives a good perspective and creates limitless opportunities. Through years we have watched shy lash girls grow into confident queens that start training other artists, open their salons and create their own lash brands. As long as we feel passionate about what we do as long as we are making a change, we will keep grinding and perfect our events.

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